Vegan Oat & Banana Pancakes

It’s Sunday which means lazy mornings and yummy breakfasts! Sunday is usually the only day my boyfriend and I are both off, so I like to start the day with a good breakfast. Pancakes are one of my favorite things to have for breakfast, and since I made this sweet, yet healthier version of pancakes I make it at least once a week.DSC_0564.JPG

Since I have seen the documentary What the Health (good watch btw, check it out on Netflix!) I want to try to eat as much vegan as possible, so I started looking for vegan alternatives for pancakes. This was actually much easier than I thought and because there is oats and banana in them- the option is a lot healthier as well.

You start this treat by smashing up 2 bananas in a bowl, it is easiest to do this with a fork. Then, put the oats into a blender so it becomes almost like a powder.DSC_0527.JPG



Then, add the oats, flour and almond milk to the smashed bananas and mix! Once it has become a thick but smooth mixture, add the cinnamon and vanilla and stir through.




Heat up some coconut oil in a pan and add a spoon of the mixture. Because the mixture is quite thick, and the pancakes are quite filling, I recommend making small pancakes rather than the usual big, thin ones.


Once you have baked the pancakes, stack them up and add with your favorite toppings! I love mine with fruit and dark chocolate and hazelnut spread from Mr Organic- which is vegan, palm oil free and super delicious!




How’s that for a good start of the day!

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-28 om 14.09.37


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