Pumpkin, Chickpea & Spinach Coconut Curry

Happy Halloween! I have only celebrated Halloween once to be honest, in Holland it is not really a big thing. Last year we had a Halloween party which was so much fun, but this year it’s gonna be a quiet one. Lots of spare time to upload some new recipes for you guys!

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So remember when we went to the pumpkin farm? I only took home two medium ones, but I actually had enough pumpkin to feed whole Africa, no joke. I had no idea there was so much flesh in the pumpkins so I had to come up with loads of new recipe ideas- we ate pumpkin the whole week!

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I love curry’s because it is really easy to make it vegetarian and add chicken or beef on the side, so it is ideal if you are cooking for vegetarians and meat eaters.

One of the things I always get asked about when people find out I’m vegetarian is protein. Most people think protein only comes from meat but plants are actually a great source too. In this curry we have chickpeas, which are low in fat, high in protein and cheap to buy as well. I also added spinach which is a good source of protein as well- so it is actually not that hard to get enough protein when you’re vegetarian.

As you can see, this recipe does not require too many ingredients. Start by peeling and cutting the pumpkin (skip this step if you have bought already prepared veg) drizzle with a bit of olive oil and roast in the oven for about 15 mins.

You can also add the pumpkin to the curry and cook it in the coconut milk, but I love the taste of roasted vegetables so that’s why I didn’t do that.

What follows is cutting the tomatoes, and cooking them for just a few minutes in some coconut oil. Once they have gone soft, add the chickpeas and pumpkin.

Then it’s simply adding the rest of the ingredients. Add the coconut milk first, season with the curry powder, ginger and cumin. Then add the spinach and let it simmer on a low heat.

When the curry has cooked for a little bit, the spinach has shrunken and the sauce has becomes a bit thicker.

Once the rice is finished, it is ready to serve! If you are cooking for a non vegetarian, cook some chicken on the side. Serve in a bowl and pour the curry over. It is also good with some naan bread on the side to dip in the curry sauce.

curry close up.JPG

curry rice1.JPG

curry rice2.JPG



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