Vegetarian Tuna Salad

Yes, you did read that correctly! Vegetarian tuna exists- and better yet, it tastes amazing.



When I was still eating fish years ago, tuna salad was once of my favorite things, so you can imagine how excited I was to find this vegetarian version. This vegetarian tuna is from De Vegetarische Slager, which is Dutch for the Vegetarian butcher. Unfortunately they only deliver to The Netherlands & Belgium, but I am fortunate enough to have super sweet parents who take it to the UK for me whenever they come to visit. I have not seen vegetarian tuna from other brands here in the supermarkets yet, hopefully this will come soon!


This recipe is super easy and quick to make. I love to have it on a baguette or flatbread for lunch, but it is also good for a snack during a party.

The tuna comes frozen, but once it is defrosted and undone from packaging, here’s what it looks like:

Cut the red onion in small pieces, as it is an addition to the tuna you do not want to chew on a big piece of onion.

Add the onion, chili powder or tabasco, black pepper, salt, juice of half a lemon and 2 table spoons of (vegan) mayonaise to the tuna, mix and you’re done!

If you’re having it on a baguette, add some iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato and enjoy a healthy sandwich.


Unfortunately this salad is not vegan, as the tuna contains milk. However, I did use a vegan mayonaise from Tesco’s Free From range and it tastes rich and creamy.




Schermafbeelding 2017-11-03 om 17.55.13.jpg

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