Freakshakes at The Corner Bakery, Amsterdam

This week I had to go to Amsterdam for my luxury accessoires & giftsets business. So while I was there, why not visit some cool restaurants?! I met up with my dearest friend who knows all the best places in Amsterdam, and we went to The Corner Bakery.

One look at their Instagram page (see below) will already make your mouth water. The Corner Bakery serves breakfast and lunch in the form of pancakes, sandwiches, salads, beautiful cakes by Life of Pie, and- more importantly: freakshakes. Yes, a freak shake. That is basically an insanely big and yummy milkshake with loads of toppings: perfect for cheatdays or sweet cravings.


We went for the smashed avocado on toast served with cucumber and tomatoes, and we shared super delicious and cute red velvet pancakes served with a fruit platter.



Our sandwiches were accompanied with fresh mint teas- and later a freakshake. I mean, we couldn’t resist.


They have multiple freakshake options, you can pick from banana (our choice), strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. They are all topped with a donut, loads of cream and marshmallows, cookies and other sorts of candy.


Calories don’t count in the weekend, right! Cheers to the weekend, hope everyone has a good one!




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