Bubble Waffles in Shoreditch, London

I got a confession to make. In the 5 years that I have ‘lived’ in London, I have never been to Shoreditch. I know. That is bad isn’t it, especially because there it is a complete vegetarian/vegan heaven there! We went on a Tuesday so it was not as busy as usual in the weekends, and some street food places were not open (Brick Lane only opens in the weekends) but still there was so much to choose from!


We visited the Boxpark, which is the world’s first pop up mall entirely made out of refitted shipping containers. There are shops and restaurants, and they also have live music and events happening regularly.

We tried several places, but I am going to start by sharing the desserts we ate- just because they were super delicious and I want everyone to know about this place.


The restaurant we went to is called Nosteagia, which is on the first floor of Box park. The concept is created by two graduates, who aspired to combine Asian and English food and serve it in an innovative way.


It for sure is innovative, because they basically sell “normal” waffles, just a little different. Nosteagia sells bubble waffles and bubble tea, and the bubble waffle was inspired by HK eggpuff, one of the most popular street snacks in Asia.


Now I got to be honest, I do not even like waffles normally. I am not really into sweet treats. Give me a bag of crisps and it is gone in 2 seconds, but I would never go to the store, buy a chocolate bar and eat it. However, Nosteagia waffles are itself not so sweet, it is the toppings that complete the waffle.


Because I picked the Queen Berry one, mine had cream, fruit and chocolate sauce, and therefore it was not too sweet, I loved it! My friend went for the Oreo one, and it was a little piece of heaven.


Everyone, if you’re in London check this place out! It also results in super insta-worthy pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰


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