Sunday Brunch @ Zero Gravity Dubai

Hi everyone!
Thanks for still following this page even though I barely posted in a while! I have been on holiday, I have been cooking loads but forgetting to take pictures, and in the rare moments where I did take pictures, I was too lazy to edit and upload them- But, here we are again!


Let’s start with a little throwback to my trip to Dubai, so I can show you where and what I ate. First fun site I’m gonna share with you is Zero Gravity, which is a big venue on the beach with amazing poolparty’s and food.


We went on a Sunday, when they have got a big brunch event. ‘Supernatural’ Brunch is every Sunday from 12-5, costs 249 AED for girls (50 pounds) including all food and (alcoholic) drinks, sun loungers, beach cabana’s and good dj’s!



When something happens in Dubai, it happens properly. So with brunch, it is not just a few sandwiches, we are talking a huge buffets with endless tabels full of dishes, from meats to fish, sushi, salad bars, ice cream machines, fruit stations to bread baskets and dips. No matter what diet you’re following or what type of foods you prefer; Zero Gravity serves it.


IMG_0112.jpgAll the food I tried was lovely, from the falafels to the vegetables, roasted potatoes, sushi’s and even the bread was nice, warm and fresh.


As you can see, the stations are supervised by chefs, who constantly add food so everything is as fresh as possible and nothing runs out!




Enough vegetarian options for sure! And the good thing is, it is unlimited so you can go as often as you like!


I think that is well worth the money, so many food options, a big dessert and fruit table as well as unlimited alcoholic drinks and a big poolparty. When we arrived we went for the food straight away, but after a few hours of tanning, swimming and relaxing we went back for fruits and ice creams, so it was such a good value for money. Can’t wait to be back!



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