4x Favorite Restaurants for Dinner in Rotterdam

Rotterdam! My favorite Dutch city has plenty of nice restaurants! I like foreign food, whether it is Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Asian, as long as it is not traditional Dutch food I am happy! Here’s my favorites for dinner:

Obba’s – Mediterranean 

Sharing is caring! Indulge in a mezze platter at Obba’s, a Mediterranean lounge restaurant with a Turkish influence. The mezzes are served on a large round platter making it look great, and perfect for sharing. The veggie platter consists of different types of hummus, dips, salads and vegetables as well as falafels and pastries, served with traditional Turkish bread, delicious!

favorite dish: Vegetarian Mezze de Luxe platter

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Bazar – Turkish

Hotel and Restaurant Bazar’s interior is already a reason to visit. Inside you are welcomed by loads of colorful traditional Arabic lamps hanging from the ceiling creating a unique atmosphere. Whether you fancy a pitta with kebabs or falafels or a more classic dish, it is on the menu so good for every occasion.

favorite dish: Tepsi Bóregi, baked yufka dough filled with feta cheese, served with salad, haydari, olives, walnuts and fresh herbs


Aqua Asia – Asian

Forget the “All you can eat” sushi food factories and dine in style at Aqua Asia instead. Might cost a bit more, but the quality of the food, service and experiences is a hundred times better. For vegetarians they offer plenty of sushis, (vegetarian maki with tofu and vegetables is delicious!) as well as gyoza dumplings and rice/noodles and vegetable dishes. The most amazing dish however is a ‘vegetarian chicken teriyaki’ where they use fake chicken made of soy beans and prepare it in teriyaki sauce with sesame seeds, so nice! Safe some space for dessert though, their dame blanche is served in a ball of chocolate. The waiter pours hot caramel sauce over it so the chocolate ball bursts open and the icecream pops out. A real treat!

favorite dish: Vegetarian teriyaki chicken (it is not on the menu, but if you tell them you’re vegetarian they will make it for you!)


Helai – Afghan

From the many things the media has taught us about Afghanistan, their amazing food was kept a good secret! Helai is a relatively new restaurant in Rotterdam Zuid serving traditional Afghan food, ranging from kebabs to pastries and vegetable dishes. They have an extensive a la carte menu with plenty to choose from, but you can also order a rice table. It is a 3 course menu where the main course exists of loads of different dishes to share, and the best thing, it is unlimited! Very fun and cosy atmosphere, amazing service according to Afghan hospitality and delicious food, definitely worth a visit if you’re in Rotterdam!

favorite dish: Vegetarian rice table, this menu includes some amazing vegetarian dishes I had never experienced before, including several dishes with pumpkin and kurma.

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