Natural White Teeth with Coco Clean

Something different than what you are used to from me, but I have got a really nice product that I want to share with you! Coco Clean is an all natural and organic oil pulling. For people who are not familiar with oil pulling: before brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth for 5 minutes with the oil pulling. It is good for oral hygene, removes bad bacteria and results in naturally white teeth.I tried Coco Clean’s extra coconut flavor and I absolutely love it. As I mentioned earlier it is an all natural and organic product and it is not tested on animals. The bottle is made of glass and the packaging is a cute paper box, so all super sustainable and ready to be recycled once you have finished your oil pulling!Eventhough I had heard about oil pullings, I had never tried it before so I was curious what it was going to be like. The coconut oil is likely to be solid when it arrives, so before using it you keep the bottle under warm water until it is liquid (on a warm day your oil will probably already be melted so you can use it straight away). Then you take 10ml oil (which fits exactly in the lid, handy!) and rinse your mouth with it for 5 minutes. Because I had the extra coconut flavor, it is lovely to wake up with! I almost didn’t want to brush my teeth after because the coconut flavor was so nice!Also after using it for 10 days now I am really happy with how my teeth look. I actually forgot to take a “before” picture so I cannot show you exact results but I can notice the difference myself, and it just feels “fresher”. Besides, an important benefit of the oil pulling is that it improves your oral hygene and gums, so whiter teeth is just a nice extra benefit! I would recommend Coco Clean to everyone who would like improved natural oral hygene, healthier gums and a beautifil white smile! For more information or to order visit

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