All your questions about a Vegetarian diet answered

One of the reasons I started this website was to share how delicious and easy it is to eat vegetarian, because I care a lot about animals and the environment so I hope to inspire people to eat vegetarian more often- even one day a week can make a huge difference! When people find out I am vegetarian I always get a lot of (the same) questions, so I have rounded up a few for you here.

Why am I vegetarian?

I love animals so I believe the way animals are mistreated for the meat industry is absolutely disgusting and heart breaking. I have always been very aware of the fact that a hamburger was once a cow with thoughts and feelings, so when I was a kid and my parents tried to feed me everything, eating meat would always make me sick because in my head I was constantly thinking about the fact that I was eating a cow for example. I think more people should be aware of what it actually is that they are eating and how it got on their plate. Also I do care a lot about our planet and mother nature, and the meat industry is extremely damaging for the environment.

Is it hard to be a vegetarian?

Absolutely not. If you cook for yourself there are plenty of recipes to cook from to help you prepare vegetarian food. Also, the market for vegetarian alternatives to meat and fish is growing rapidly and there are now plenty of different products and brands to pick from. This means you can for example still make a pasta bolognese, you just use vegetarian mince! Additionally, in the UK and The Netherlands all restaurants offer vegetarian dishes and completely vegetarian or even vegan restaurants start popping up slowly too. So even going out for dinner should not be a problem. For me personally it is also easy because I hated meat when I had to eat it as a kid and it would always make me feel sick, so I actually never missed it- I was happy to give it a miss. I did like a few types of fish when I was younger, but when I got informed about how damaging the fishing industry is for the planet I quickly got over that. The fishermen drag these huge fishing nets across the ocean, not only catching fish but also trapping other marine life like dolphins and turtles and damaging coral reefs. Also the overfishing causes food shortage for other marine life who now barely have enough food. I did not want to contribute to this so it was easy for me to give up on fish too.

I have been a vegetarian for about 7 years now and I have never had problems with it. Of course, not all restaurants are extremely veggie friendly, and it can also be harder when traveling to countries that are not so veggie friendly. In that case I usually order from the sides or starters menu, for example soups, side salads or vegetables with fries or rice- whatever they have available! If you are staying in a hotel while on holiday the buffet restaurant is also always a good option because you can pick out your own foods and create your own dishes.

What about protein?

Easily said: YES! If you are vegetarian a common prejudice is often that we do not get enough protein. Many people assume that only animal products contain protein, but this actually is not true. There are different sorts of protein, namely animal protein and plant protein. Animal protein also contains amino acids, whereas not all plant proteins contain this. Animal protein can be found in eggs, cheese and dairy products, so if you eat these as a vegetarian you will be fine. There are however some non animal products that are complete sources of protein, examples of this are quinoa and buckwheat. Other foods that are high in protein but are not a complete source are nuts, beans and pulses and certain types of vegetables and grains. As you can see, non animal products containing protein are actually quite varied, so it is easy to get enough protein and also to make it more enjoyable for yourself because you can create so many different recipes.

Do you eat fish/seafood?

Being vegetarian means that you do not eat animals, so no! People often confuse this with being vegan. Following a vegan diet however means consuming no animal products at all- so this includes not eating eggs, diary, cheese etc. There is a lot of confusion about how strict and far this goes, as some people do not only follow this into their diet but also outside of it, meaning not wearing leather/wool and also not having this in your house, car etc.

So no meat, fish or seafood- what do you eat then?

Glad you asked- I will share everything from now on here on my website so stayed tuned! A misconception is that vegetarians only eat salad and I would happily show you how varied our diet can be.

Anything else you’d like to know? Drop a comment! X

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