Pecan Banana Bread (Vegan)

There is a cafe that we recently discovered that has the most amazing banana bread. It is always freshly made, served warm, super sweet and soft. This made me want to create a banana bread of my own and I started trying out a few variations. I always try to keep it a bit healthy, but I soon figured that brown sugar is just a must in the banana bread to give it that distinctive sweetness. So, I’ll admit it is not my most healthy recipe but life is all about balance right?!

The mixture of this bread is really easy to make, simply smash up 3 bananas in a big bowl with a fork. It works best with bananas that are almost overripe, (you know those soft brown ones that no one really likes) because they are so soft. It also is a good measure to fight food waste, because it is not necessary to throw them away.

Once the bananas are smashed up add all the other ingredients except for the nuts. It can happen that the mixture is very sticky, for example if your bananas are a bit small. In that case you can add a bit of plant based milk to make the mixture a bit more smooth. I always add little bits of milk and then add more if I need to, rather than adding a lot the first time so you avoid ending up with a watery mixture.

I always like the combination of sweet and a bit of a crunch, so for this recipe I went with pecans. I chose these nuts because in comparison to other nut types they are quite soft so they go well with the soft banana bread. You can also add walnuts if you like or swap the pecans for the walnuts.

Use the last banana as a nice simple way to decorate your bread. Once you have added the nuts and transferred the mixture into a baking tin, simply slice the banana length ways and place on top of you mixture. It is a nice easy bake perfect with a good cup of tea in the weekend, back to healthy eating during the week! 😉

Scroll down for full recipe.

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