Chia Pudding with Red Fruits

Easter weekend is here and if you are having brunch with your friends or family, and want to impress a bit, I got just the thing for you. These chia puddings with fresh fruit are super easy to make, you can prep them the day before, and if you serve them in glass jars or glasses they look really nice!

Chia seeds are perfect for vegetarians because they are high in (complete) protein and fibre. In addition, chia seeds contain more omega 3 fat acids than salmon (compared by gram)- although it is an omega 3 in plant form, so it is harder for our body to convert it. Furthermore, chia seeds are good for healthy bones: 25gram of chia seeds contain more calcium than a 100ml of cows milk!

The good thing as well is that it is really easy to incorporate chia seeds into your diet. You can make puddings like these or add them to your granolas or salads for example.

For a basic chia seed pudding all you need is chia seeds and plantbased milk. If you mix them together, cover and leave in the fridge overnight- the seeds will absorb the milk and form a thicker pudding structure. I like to add a bit of flavor to it because I find it too bland otherwise. I usually add cinnamon, vanilla extract and a bit of honey, but you can vary with this if you like. It is also nice to add a bit of cocoa powder for example to have a chocolaty flavor.

I like to decorate my puddings with fresh fruits because I like the combination of sweet fruit with the pudding. My personal preferences are strawberries, raspberries and blueberries but you can vary with this as much as you like- mango is also an amazing combination! I always have shredded coconut in my cupboard because I use it a lot in different dishes, as well as fresh mint (I grow my own- I love it for fresh mint teas!) so I like to decorate my puddings with a little coconut and mint.

See below for the exact recipe, let me know your favorites for breakfast/brunch during the Easter weekend!

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