Super Green Smoothie

I love smoothies for breakfast: its easy, quick, you can prepare it the night before and take it away for when you are traveling. I was always a bit hesitant towards vegetables in smoothies, but I would recommend this to anyone! It does not taste of vegetables at all so it is a good way to get a little veggie boost.

Fruit actually contains quite a lot of sugar, so I only take smoothies if I am going to the gym. This green smoothie has some orange juice, mango and banana so enough natural sugars to give me plenty of energy during my workouts!

Again, super easy to make and also perfect for vegetarians, because spinach actually contains a lot of protein and iron. It is also high in calcium and fibre and helps to maintain blood pressure. Easy winner!

As far as the recipe goes, you basically add all the ingredients to a blender and let the machine do the work. Only thing to pay attention to is to add the spinach and kale at the end, otherwise the blades struggle to blend all the leaves. More details below!

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