Simple Sweet Potato Soup

I love bread- if it was up to me I’d eat it for lunch every single day. But since summer is coming up soon and I have evaluated my diet- I am trying to avoid bread during the week (just because calories don’t count in the weekend right ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). So I needed to find some alternatives for lunch, and I find soups one of the easiest and nicest alternatives. It is super easy and quick to make and it is an easy way of having a lot of vegetables.

I know I already uploaded a sweet potato soup recipe, but this one is a bit easier as it has less ingredient but it does not take anything away from the taste.

In my recipe I am not specifying how much vegetable stock you need exactly, because i add all my ingredients into the soup pan and then I add the vegetable stock cube before I add the water. I add water until my vegetables are covered, then the vegetable stock cube will dissolve in there instead of doing it separate. If you taste it and it does not have enough flavor, add another half of a vegetable stock cube. You might need a bit more seasoning depending on the size of your potatoes for example.

Scroll down for the complete recipe! Love x

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