Vegan Lentil Taco’s

I just got back from Mexico and after 2 weeks of enjoying their amazing food I had plenty of inspiration to make a few dishes of my own! Tulum in Mexico is a true veggie paradise, most restaurants offer a lot more vegetarian dishes than ‘normal’ dishes and they vary a lot with different types of vegetables. I have eaten a lot of tacos here and not once did I receive the same- every restaurant has their own take on fresh vegetarian food and I absolutely loved it.

In Mexico I had a lot of tacos with for example cauliflower, mushrooms or seaweed but another option I personally really love is lentils. I made this a few times for people who normally eat meat and they loved it as well. It is very filling and the lentils make sure us vegetarians get the right vitamins and nutritions.

Besides lentils I add red kidney beans, another source of important nutritions for vegetarians and vegans and also nice to add a bit of a bite to your vegetable mix.

For the rest I like to keep it simple as you know, so just some chopped tomatoes and corn and of course seasoning and you are pretty much good to go! You can serve these with salad and guacamole in tortilla wraps or taco shells, whatever you prefer! If you have left overs they are really good for lunch too!

Try these tacos for yourself and let me know your thoughts! The recipe card is below, hope you enjoy x

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