3 Day NYC Guide

“Somewhere between living and dreaming there is New York”

I was beyond excited for our trip to New York, of course I had seen it many times on television and in movies, but there is nothing like experiencing a great city like this in real life. Below I will share a city guide for a three day trip to NYC based on our own experiences.

Day 1

Morning: Rockefeller Centre

Head to the Rockefeller Centre early in the morning so you will skip the queues (and you can take good pictures without too many people in the background or blocking your view πŸ˜‰ ). For me when we took the elevator up and were standing ‘On Top of The Rock’ was when I had the ultimate New York feeling: You’re standing so high up and you can see all the skyscrapers, Central Park, and other iconic buildings. I know there are many more viewing points in New York, one of them obviously the very popular Empire State Building, but we chose Top of the Rock because we could then see the Empire State Building as well.

Late Morning/Afternoon

From the Rockefeller Center, walk along 5th Avenue for some (window) shopping to the Flat Iron Building. On the way there you will also walk past the Empire State Building, which has loads of restaurants in the area as well for a bite. Near the Empire State Building you can find Grand Central Station as well. We did not go in because we did not really prioritize it but you can definitely fit it in the same day.


Times Square in my opinion is definitely best at night. The huge billboards greet you from miles away and all the screaming led lights and bright colors are simply impressive. The square is always super busy but while taking it in there is loads going on on the square as well. Promotors dressed in crazy (or no) clothes, protestors, tourist guides, tours, people selling tickets for attractions and normal shops and restaurants: you can find it all here.

Day 2

Morning: Brooklyn Bridge

We stayed near Central Park so we took the subway to Brooklyn. It is well organized, and with a metro card you can take multiple trips. Also, multiple people can check in on the same card and you can also take the bus with that card (good for when you are tired of walking on the way back and also for a bit of sight seeing). If you get out of the station it is a short walk to Brooklyn Bridge. Walk over the Bridge and admire the view! You can actually see the Statue of Liberty from there as well.


When you have crossed Brooklyn Bridge it is only a few minutes walk to Ground Zero. It is such an impressive memorial site I think you can’t really miss this while being in New York. While there our group split up: some went into the 9/11 museum; where you walk through the timeline of 9/11, while others went to see the Statue of Liberty. This is all relatively close to each other so easy to combine.

If you still have energy to walk, SoHo is a fun area to stroll around and hang out for some food or drinks.

Day 3


Cycle or walk around in Central Park. The park is huge and there is loads going on: football/softball games, performances, outdoor fitness and yoga classes and they are all out in the open and for everyone to view. There is a small fun fair/theme park in the park as well, and of course the famous memorial of John Lennon where loads of people hang out and sing songs. You can also rent a boat or water-bike and paddle along the lakes, but if you prefer a more chilled visit there are plenty of restaurants or benches to just take a moment and take it all in.


Walk on the High Line. The High Line is an old freight rail track that has been transformed to a public place combining nature, art and design. The track is quite long but you will have plenty of entertainment and things to enjoy. The view is incredible and along the way there are plenty of nice bars and good restaurants, as well as beautiful gardens.

Late Afternoon

NYC has plenty of great museums, if you have time you should definitely squeeze one in before going home! Take a picture on the famous MET steps or admire art or history in one of the other impressive museums.

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