Sweet Potato and Chickpea Burger

After the record breaking heatwave the past few days- I have lined up another recipe perfect for those long, hot summer nights.

When people ask me about my vegetarian diet they often assume that you cannot eat anything. They are like “what about this food and that meal and this dish..” etc- because they have never made an effort to learn more about the vegetarian options they are not really aware of them. Hamburgers are a great example, because there is actually so much variety within vegetarian options. You can make bean burgers, vegetable patties, burgers with rice or quinoa or soya.. the possibilities are a lot more exciting (and healthy!) than your standard beef burger!

I find that vegetarian burger mixtures sometimes tend to be too vulnerable to make good firm patties, but the combination of mashed sweet potato and chickpeas results in a good mixture to make strong burger patties. So- they are perfect for on the bbq as well this summer!

Again, this recipe is super easy and does not require too many ingredients. The sweet potato needs a few minutes in the oven to roast, and after that you use a kitchen machine or a blender to mix the potato with the chickpeas and- if the mixture is too wet add a bit of oats. Season the mixture, form patties with your hands and they are ready go to!

As far as toppings go, I love avocado on my burgers. It is rich and creamy so you don’t really need any sauces. Other than that, lettuce is always a must, as is tomato and cucumber. You can also add red onion, or pickles if you like. The full details on the recipe are below, hope you will enjoy! X

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