Vegan Matcha Pancakes

Sunday morning breakfasts are my favorite! These vegan pancakes get an extra kick of flavor from the matcha green tea powder, yet they stay sweet because of the coconut milk.

It is a good way to start the day, as the matcha powder is high in antioxidants and fibre resulting in improved metabolism and helping to burn calories. The green tea powder is of course also known as to be relaxing and calming; so what more do you need on a Sunday morning?!

I love topping my pancakes with loads of fruits, and either a dark chocolate sauce or a sweet sirup. You can also add some shredded coconut or almond flakes for some extra flavor.

Scroll down for the recipe card, again it is not hard to make- you just need a few specific ingredients because the pancakes are vegan. This does not mean that the pancakes taste ‘weird’ for the vegan skeptics, in fact most people do not notice the difference!

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