Pesto Risotto with Peas

One of my favorites.. You can literally wake me up in the middle of the night for it: Risotto! I have previously uploaded a few risotto recipes with butternut squash and tomatoes and peppers, but I have recently discovered pesto in risotto is amazing as well.

The risotto is rich and creamy, and full of flavor. Pesto and fresh tomatoes is always an easy winner, and I’ve added pine nuts for an extra bite. Add some peas in there for some extra vitamins and you have easily created a really tasteful dish.

If you are vegetarian make sure to buy vegetarian pesto or make it fresh yourself! If you are in a rush it is easier to buy, a lot of supermarkets now offer different brands of vegetarian pestos so it is easy to get a hold of.

Garnish with a little bit of fresh basil, some garlic bread and a glass of wine and you got yourself a lovely dinner! Recipe card below.

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